1. Introduction: This Terms of Use – Employee Portal provides additional information that is specific to the use of the MVCS employee portal and MVCS internal communication tools and resources. The Terms of Use – Employee Portal incorporates the Terms of Use – General. Please be sure to review the Terms of Use- General carefully as it contains important terms and conditions relating to your use of any MVCS website as defined therein.To the extent that the Terms of Use – General and the Terms of Use – Employee Portal conflict, the Terms of Use- Employee Portal supersedes the Terms of Use – General as it applies your use of MVCS’s employee portal and internal communication tools.
  2. General Description of the Employee Portal: The Employee Portal is provided to MVCS employees, contingent workers, and other similar individuals for internal communications, news, events, updates, and resources. It facilitates work-related communications and interactions relevant to MVCS operations and environment.
  3. MVCS Policies: Use of the Employee Portal must comply with the Terms of Use- Employee Portal, MVCS’s, and other MVCS policies as further described below. All MVCS policies apply to postings, communications, and interactions on the Employee Portal.The Following list includes several, but not all, policies that apply to your use of the Employee Portal.
    Violation of these policies, or other MVCS policies that are not listed here, may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.
    a. MVCS Policies:
    i.   Policy Against Workplace Harassment
    ii.  Standards of ConductVoicemail
    iii. Texting, Email, and Internet Policy
    If you have questions regarding these policies or are not sure if it is okay to post something on the portal, please contact Human Resources at: hrsupport@mvcommunityservices.org
  4. Reporting Concerns: The employee portal is a place to collaborate with other MVCS employees, contingent workers, and other similar individuals in fulfilling job responsibilities and duties. The Employee Portal is not intended, and should not be used, to raise concerns regarding the work environment. The Portal is not equipped with the tools to address these types of concerns and does not adequately address privacy concerns as required by local laws.Instead, MVCS has established policies and procedures for reporting concerns regarding the workplace. If an employee, contingent worker, or other individual would like to report inappropriate conduct in the workplace, violations of policies, or other similar concerns, please report those concerns to a manager or directly to the human resource department.